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with us because their resume will be heading to the west appears to be a facilitator for the common folk looked up to clash between the late mail. joe wasn't for terrorism but what of a newspaper report that revealed intelligence leaks is accused of espionage and preaching britain's national security. his future soon to be openly display complexes that are good for outrage the authorities failing to keep the away from what was supposed to be a secret festivity. but inside the roman army base. so you can't get to look the part that the army to protest an
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essay. activist. this leaves the already cooked or if they decide to utah to his stupid computer is able to stall the millions of phone calls emails and internet searches that of the harvest. and peace in ruins pockets of some of the american ambassador saying washington scuffle told businessmen to consult a us drone killed the leader of the taliban in the country . call. lol the students to be geared more to it which just opened at two p m the fifth of the british authorities say the partner of a newspaper reporter who's been publishing it would snow these leaks was involved in espionage and terrorism the accusation was made in the scotland young coconut which is being used as evidence in a melbourne court hearing on the surface is
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closely following the case i'll be content with that again it was red hot is the real action is a thin round there is no doubt you again for the british government that's according to documents that were taken for granted the attack. i'm questioning and beat the egg that feed off his detention at the clock in my back printable gift you with the pain when he arrived in bed and he tackled the question for nine hours in the face. documents seized from a hand out that she was waiting game call saying they had the intelligence indicates that the rental is likely to be involved in espionage act for that sake and the potential to act against the jays security threats the title thing was that before getting the funding. i think that the city. we had no way things have risen and janet them and calls that if they speak or think he can sound
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confident that all dying to take any case the running press freedom of the mendelssohn cool thing and he did not have consented idea this week we were all fit on the planet if the baby having a theme and see if i can see that they look for extra warmth that new faith is saying that if they can take them to friends in publishing and to make it the action would be taken ill they think he will get heavy handed but of course the detention and that they think they've been around that guy was actually got in the mateship of monster with its been published already having been sitting sitting in the public's interest of abating with information about mass at the event consists in the seat a government like this in itself and at the debate away from that didn't match the baby's safety. i own cd at a national security the hearing for david rind is legal challenges should open next week in june when kentucky's executive director of the open rights group thinks any suggestion that he's been involved in the terrible twos just absurd the saying that this bike is a and that's why they're able to rest and on
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the terrorists kill some of the left is absolutely insane is equating the journalistic i practice all taking leaps documents. i'm looking out and potentially telling the to buy certain things in it with terrorism a new comedy that. when was the reason given for the investigation which begins around the rope to his detention in a list uk authorities said to me that that revealing the items he was carrying which include fifty eight thousand documents from us and uk intelligence james kennett says that breaking a proposal to take it all just a goal is to combat terrorism the governments of the table we said no no they weren't costly appease them of course phillies a one year to be used against terrorists may we see. i am somebody with the material he's being very responsible is part of the enormous damage on to be extremely response when handling of its material nobody's been able to say see as the lead existential security genuinely people all
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pay half their lives at risk nobody's been able to shut up and said what we call these the thing that i was in order to intimidate these people. germany and brazil was the un to do something about excessive electronic surveillance and legal consultation connection and divine revelations into the intestines activities they've submitted a trough resolution to the general assembly. this comes as the us plans to put a huge potato warehouse to store millions of paul millions of emails and phone calls. it's connected the report on that some americans fighting to stop it known for its debts are high. paint a picture esque melodies. utah has long been home to the nation's largest population of more weeks to date. it's also home to america is soon to be the guests by complex occurred inside the middle of an army base. so you can get to but the protests in the army to protest an essay
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garfield learns his lesson on independence day. when police could get a bit more than a hundred restore the fourth activist from protesting in front of the anc's one point five billion dollars data center shortly thereafter the group sought a way to claim a two mile long state right next to the nsa to confront any tickets out for being there. my latest adopt a highway me think of and we can clean up in the coming weeks and even signed will be placed might feel that says restoring the fourth tube top and three each day that employees report to work at the data they will pass by this i'm reminded of the distrust of the nsa and its ever expanding surveillance programs thirty four members will be required to be the highway at least three times a year but many activists like the real potter plan on being outside the data center much more often armed with an anti nsa
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picket sign. they believe that it is their plates. to take in harness oliver information. the fourth amendment to the us constitution guarantees the right to be sick to work from unreasonable search and seizure the rt four was born into a nationwide grassroots movements. after a whistleblower adverts noting revealed how the nsa spying on its own citizens as well as foreigners world leaders and even the vatican. we're not idiots reverse this if we don't speak that we don't say something if we don't get people aware of what's being done. so what's being done in sight the yuletide data center. according to reports the surveillance complex will be filled with servers routers and computer intelligence experts working to intercept capture and analyze vast quantities of the world's communication i or others or buildings but there's a secret inside the data center are heavily
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protected life and says the national guard and police warning signs that overlooks the whole valley. and this time it is almost like a symbolic over one of the populace. it makes you paranoid. gearing up for nigh on our team utah the nsa revelations of being piling up and many believe more links on to come. so what impact will it have less fuller asked you what saddam and sixty two cents a fall believe the politicians will talk more about privacy but do nothing about the coolest of course are predicting a rise in discontent and more protests little more than ten percent of the building affected to listen to what he's already used in each family can see a minority there is such a stud four percent ahead in the steps to secure privacy and surveillance. the georgia telkom to cost appeal but did it for me. oct was iraq's bloodiest month for fully the installation is struggling to cover the levels of sectarian
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violence and iraq's prime minister has been forced to asked washington to help inflate to a particular term has been. we know that the iraqi leadership has made a request with us assistance in the fight against terror we don't know the details of that request. the tears wouldn't elaborate on that iraqi prime minister called ohh i get this urge for iraq and the needs of the lack of time has arrived in washington in the month that turned out to the state india seem to last five years. for those four following the news is becoming such a repetitive phrase the deadliest month in iraq for this many years said he would hear it all the time the fact is that following the us invasion in two thousand and three. terrorism has skyrocketed in iraq the sectarian war that broke out as a result of the nation has created a breeding farm and the carrots the iraqi prime minister says it's getting worse because he says as a result of the so called arab revolutions there is a power vacuum in the region which extremist forces take advantage of a specific list of class theory and the situation there of course
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even though iraq snoring all my leaky nose with the us invasion has led to his country he can't be called critical of washington because after all. in a way if things to the us that he's now in power. let's take a closer look at the numbers now according to iraq's interior defense and health ministries. the number of deaths in october reached nine hundred and sixty four ninety percent of which were civilians. the government says this is the highest death toll in a single month since april two thousand and eight i've been more than a thousand people were killed however the numbers don't correspond with the united nation state to which suggestion late this year was equally as bad as i'm done that here is a turkish iraqi militants to form a cousin of saddam hussein's regime says the ongoing bloodshed is forcing people to live in fear. is affecting daily diet that from morning until night and had to single out one of the day people up and
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feeling unsafe to do annie finger eleven goes on they don't know i mean it doesn't on whether they come back cpr months. and then just an obstacle than eighteen times in the attacks mostly the top of the team dinners to people rather than an. other forces he has and can also told this is new agreement within the iraqi government that is leading to more violence against civilians. and then government is that the quiet bc it was squabbling among the ad and now uses fondled and i installed some twenty five piece most of them that maybe she is and they are pretty busy and fighting each other so this is the fighting is closing and are open to an horrendous biased against the civilians. and of the country struggling with the weight of fun and scope
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of most accounts the peace talks is not about plans to start negotiations with the taliban and the rail for us during strike killed the militants leader of the details on that coming up short in the program plus the two nominees the eye anything the argument about striking be that we didn't stay sad example of glass and democracy that was able to separate the kids really do from its economy can be applied to the state. this is a pointless blog about in the book was how when looking at the end of being a complete basket case and bake in a bowl with the type of insulation and eighty one the ability to add to which is so much economic success and a rise in equity but the problem that is of course that blind he did and his attitude has changed. he now has become much more it
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this element of any criticism. i'm a bad light wars the news. we continue to not see the stones foreign ministry has summoned the american ambassador daniel to the leader of the pakistani taliban was killed when a us drone strike islamabad has accused washington of sabotaging it tends to bring an end to violence through peace talks with the taliban. the group has vowed to avenge the death of their leader. it's been playing several times before that the modem its hood has been killed me for him to
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turn ups tonight. he had expressed a willingness to hold series talks with the pakistani government and said he was breaching to be priced. this was apparent death comes just as the pakistani government sent a delegation to stop peace negotiations. so i'm hauling but to whoever he's a journalist and a retired pakistani air force officer says it's the people of east on the go to suffer the consequences. i miss the walks i was in washington d c only having back pain has spoken to president obama to get a bit of confidence regarding the download process and it also made a request with the drone attacks to stop because with every kid i live on fox on admit it did make an addition to the drone attacks must come to an end before they come to the dial up cable but instead of the joint attacks being stopped. they continue and saw activity was the gestapo. it is going to be the people of pottstown and not to us. the united states does not have the right to be judge judy and execution of all rolled into one big balcony up on it
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just when you go smooth disturbing footage on a witch hunt is on the door the day the factors that led to the show the california prison guards using pepper spray. in truth it's treating the mentally ill inmate was going to take medication the line for the school began and the story the second gathering intelligence in launching strikes up to six times the speed of sound. us company on those guys did great and stickles on the drawing for the project developing. i would have ever taught youtube channel in the knesset to pull that illuminates the skies over time. so much as the heavens with two small offenses we can find out what causes this rare and beautiful phenomena
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right from the sea the emerging picture the report. the industry to him. news programs and documentaries in spanish max's to you. breaking news will turn into bangalore hidden stories. it is. okies for no more visits to iowa to go because you don't comb exactly what happened that day. i don't know what a lonely guy killed. years later is harder for us to pour. for current and ideals
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we have been numerous cases where the sun was just lying down polygraph results. its people and you can see the results are still the people anymore but it just happened really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like men. no because the psychological techniques are more in obtaining confessions and physical abuse. they were asked if they can do what they wanted they decide what they want there was no evidence of what they did for one night stand. ukraine is prepared to some of my multiple should deal with the european union at the end of this month would guarantee the former soviet republic free trade access. as the country's car industry ready for the change
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of season excuse risky investments and three the association agreement with the eu is being sold to the korean as a step forward and what would be the country's farmers might enjoy better export deals with a projected four hundred meaning year its annual profit. the machinery bosses are not so happy because these countries might seem to not be able to afford more than ict use standards that would cost almost a staggering hundred and thirty billion euros and that wouldn't be the fate of how the industrial giants of already been caught in that trap. hungary's boss actually think iris was the leader in bus production throughout nineteen seventies europe producing more than fourteen thousand boxes a year in two thousand seven shutdown having failed to compete on the european market. it's now reopened only to its sports most shipments of us is to let american countries and repair older models in the nineteen seventies poland's likely to miss angela delivery boxes were exported to over one hundred countries all over the world going into thousands newsome orders and half a sci fac trees both vanished from the face of the earth after
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being purchased by d o n g m respectively. claudia's corrupt bosses were well known in the unit in the soviet union mills were probably the most widespread traffic vehicles on the country's roads but in the nineteen nineties the company failed to meet eu standards and lost the east the market as well. reid who was so keen on eu integration that it blocked ross last ditch attempt to save itself to imagine with a russian gas company in nineteen ninety the car fact he was officially declared and crop there are more examples of such faith is essential in eastern europe all united by one the issue for it to survive in the european market as things stand it's hard to imagine which industrial enterprises in ukraine would be able to wake the same traits. more news in brief nap we started with a shooting at los angeles' cashew apple i saw him coming up the elevator. by about ten feet away from you guys voted
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the despair at the rack like like he knew how to read wherever it exists you don't believe it's really it's like seeing something on tv police say the gunman who opened fire on friday sent a suicide text message to his father prior to the incident so all the twenty three year old pulls sien sien stormed into a crowded terminal killed a security agent and wounded several others. he was at a pound of beans instead of panicking the stampede parts of the world's sixth busiest airport were evacuated and of a seven hundred domestic flights disrupted. you know don't think so the story right now on a website. aunty called. mentally on base in east london delayed the beginning of strike action for more than a hundred for a fight since it tends to walk no word on hold while they attended a site containing hazardous gas demand that the fund is across the uk decided on industrial action in december recent changes to them. oh well the faces of two french brady agenda was to be found dead in the northern mali time the kid though they were
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reportedly seized him for what they like platform and forced into a truck that drove away into the desert the key to open the best we can conclude that the americans got to a good chew off to the report is the use of displacement and despite the presence of around three hundred french and un peacekeepers in the city the british banking system is going down the drain well that's according to my skeleton. all in the days when this woman she opens up a manhole cover and sticks out to snopes now she can tell i stick by what she finds scc she was pulling the gutter oil straight out of the sewer and then processing and die and that's in the toxins and chemicals in order to create the gutter while there's an analogy here between concerning the sewer garbage that slot into re processed today it's available as a combustible aren't yet on the street with a slop in the financial system generates a credit
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they take collateral that's been abused has been sold and resold hundreds of times and they put in on the bounty of the bank of england and the bank email exchanges french slot me in the form of the guilds which is then the collateral upon which the housing bubble in london is based. if you examine the balance sheet of the bank of england you'd find we've processed pork slop and other slop and boiled in all kinds of dogs bark day. schwab and affleck. nfl and whatever does it the eye. kaiser pull me away facing an auntie the husband all the gentle push iraq and an abrasion to a comical but says he has had contact with his wife of days russia's prison service says she is being sent to a new penal colony. officials say the family will be informed about communication within ten days. all reliable. she's
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having to use off because of the controversial protest performance in most of crisis a good deal. she went on hunger strike to protest against the detention conditions in september and in oct the prison service said she would be blue strong position to revisit the telford kid who taunted the disease which is potentially deadly to humans slimming treatment to cure the infection if it has taken hold. european health officials a would be hard to prevent further outbreaks but in the uk the government has recently relaxed controls the fees playboy can expect nowadays the man and his dog can travel to the uk. can you imagine trying to deliver a friendly animal meat. imagine babies. in britain the grandest information video was made to christmas the sphere of rabies was so high that the animal coming into the country. potential six months in quarantine fast
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rabies is a killer. we must keep rabies out. the rules of the frosty air when britain was forced to join the european union's pet travel scheme. the esa said come and dress down. the way vietnam and the need to be quarantined upon entry to the uk not just coming in for the year and some other countries colleagues and told they need. it's possible to mike leach at six fifteen stone two hundred and seven hundred and fifty one cases of rabies in animals and a maniac. if i hadn't the teams within one and they don't the requirements for a protest in a six month wait. that's a token to sleep
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three weeks. with its neighbors and so they can get the scenes tour. the animals he directed and safe. so i can make you think the political europe it seems site we've seen that the winner protecting themselves. without the fluff we put themselves in reach in announcing the uk on twenty one cents the eu. well looks like i can't say that the site uses the foolish the films being smuggled into the uk in mutiny. increased one hundred percent since the rules were relaxed the token april th at the county going to harm me in the pocket of adults the cycle was a carry on. a nice post cos you know you two are for animals they knew but i'll write you travel qualify. the cuckoo actually get this bike. the department for environment and improve the offense as the biscuit until we get freebies and string the uk is still extremely tired. these
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disagree. several have already been stocking up for babies. in order to protect passed on. the boys had umpteen london's. hse with the new t mobile fingers to open up now in the meantime as promised. it is max and the skies are born here aye aye aye aye aye. the zz you i him especially his teacher texas has been fired for posing nude in playboy before she became a teacher. to find out about this demand that she be fired because her past is inappropriate and that it was a distraction the class from what is was something she did the past which was legal to use i mean if you pose for playboy who are forbidden to work in the normal world. also as a
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former teenage boy i can tell you that any young attractive featu will cause a distraction with the boys wanted to fire people from being distracting than one method for every teacher with a handicap or abnormal appearance on the other hand all teachers are supposed to be people for children to respect and look upto with your spanish teachers willing to sell the good stuff for money to playboy. it has a lot harder respect that sort of person and it sure isn't a good example for my daughter this is actually very complex issue. i can say is that you should really try to fight the temptation make quick money with some new photos they could come back to haunt you. that's just my i am. i do. you along move along. tuesday's stage is a
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little bit lost in. nice try since we don't really have her records going back thousands of years. you know something about chinese culture and one. it used to it. synergy of chinese martial arts techniques chinese from the coherence and useful arts. the new and more. the techniques. i'd be interested. is that with not just about learning. now it's clear that interested in. we were. internally. what energizes us glimpses of what
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is this. peace on it. but consistently suspected that what we get woohoo. session
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says. you wounding ruling will. i eye. the things you bought it at the studios in berlin. i'm sarah are made headlines this hour. shot in greece as two members of the far right golden dawn party or killed in a drive by shooting in athens. outrage in pakistan as a us drone strikes and kill to tell about leader of the peace talks and in german soccer and dortmund crush got

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